Previous Exhibitions: 2015

James L. Dean: Digital Pictorialism

December 2015


Armentor/Boonchai/Oelklaus: Pinhole YaYa

November 2015


Marianne Desmarais: Transpositions

October 2015


Mary Rooney: Extempore

September 2015


Aaron Collier: What Stands Behind

August 2015


Sadie Sheldon: Below the Brine

July 2015


Medium Density

June 2015


Fair Trade

May 2015


Brittan Rosendahl: If Your Video Image Is Neither Here Nor There

April 2015


Jack Niven: Over the River

March 2015


Katrina Andry: Indecent Intentions Leave Me Vulnerable and Voiceless

February 2015


Elizabeth Chen: YYNN

January 2015