Current Exhibition

Kristina E. Knipe & William Savinar: You're Talking Too Loud

Featuring: William Savinar, Martha Avellaneda Taddei Gomez, Christopher Mireles, and Mario Duran Avalos

April 13 - May 5, 2019

Opening reception: Saturday, April 13, 6-9 pm

Gallery hours are Saturdays and Sundays, 12-5 pm, except for Second Saturdays when hours are 6-9 pm. 

still from video, 2019

still from video, 2019

You’re Talking Too Loud is an immersive phantasmagoria of color and sound. Multiple Channel video is projected within an interior space that mimics the setting in which the video was recorded, disorienting the viewer and positioning them within a surreal narrative of a night in Mexico City.  The decadent space the individuals in the video inhabit contrasts with their behaviors — spitting cake, bleeding from the nose, a cockroach tattoo on one hand — and the viewer is unable to differentiate between what is a performance for the camera and what is a private and intimate confession. The viewer is invited to step into the installation as one would step into a private room and is simultaneously barraged with sounds collected from Mexico City streets. Religious iconography and life cycle imagery — Virgin Mary, the Garden of Eden, crown of thorns, a styrofoam fetus — are subverted by youthful and self-destructive subjects. Their pain is elevated to a spiritual level and it languishes in the seemingly dead time of hanging out with friends

William Savinar is a writer, translator, and english teacher living in Mexico City. He recently released a poetry chapbook entitled The Naked Gallows and writes research based analysis and creative nonfiction on narcos and the drug war. He plays drums in the band Municiones Improvisadas.

Kristina E. Knipe is an artist and educator based in New Orleans, LA who works primarily in photography, video, and bookmaking.  Her work is an exploration of trauma, memory, femininity, and the compulsion to beautify as a survival tactic. In the past year, a selection of her body of work Artist Seeks Self-Injures was published in Female Body Image in Contemporary Art and she was an artist in residence at the Atlantic Center for the Arts #172 with artist Catherine Opie.